About Philip Wolmuth Photo Library


The public area of this archive contains most of the work I have done since starting to work digitally in 2003, and a growing selection of high resolution scans of photographs shot on film from 1977 onwards. There is a brief explanation of how the library works on the home page, and some simple tips on searching for photos here. To discuss reproduction fees and access high resolution files, please email or phone.



I have been to places I would never have visited, and met people I would never had the privilege to engage with, had I not had a camera in my bag and a story to tell. Some have been far from home – banana farmers in the Eastern Caribbean, migrant cane-cutters in the Dominican Republic, health workers in Gaza, and more. But most have been much closer, often on my own doorstep, ranging from community groups in Paddington, hostels for the homeless, ex-mining villages in South Yorkshire, and schools and workplaces across the UK, to portrait sessions with senior politicians, party conferences, academic seminars and backstage at the English National Opera.

Dealing with this variety has led me to an adaptable reportage style inspired by the great documentary photographers of the last century, and assisted by the technological advances of this one. My approach very much depends on an understanding of the context in which I am operating, respect for those whom I am photographing, and on working methods that cause the least possible disruption to the situation at hand.

Although much of the work in my archive is documentary reportage of social, economic and political issues, my commissioned work more often involves portraiture and photography at conferences, meetings and other events

I charge for photography by the half day (up to four hours including travel) or full day (up to 8 hours including travel). To keep things simple, my quotes are inclusive of digital image processing, optimisation and delivery. To discuss specific details and costs, please email or phone.

It has recently become possible to use a similar approach to making short movies. If you are interested in commissioning video, check the COMMISSIONING AFFORDABLE VIDEO page and get in touch.